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Healing Adventure description

We’ll begin with an early morning pick-up in Reykjavik, and then stop for breakfast in a local bakery in Borgarnes, about an hour from the city. About 30 minutes after getting back on the road, we’ll stop for a soak in a natural, geothermal pool in the middle of a lava field. This natural pool is quite small, with space enough for only two people (or three, if they are really good friends). By getting there early in the morning, the chance to have it all to yourself is much higher.


After that, we will take an easy hike up to a mountain top. (Hiking boots and appropriate clothing are necessary) There we will walk amongst incredible sandstone formations, and enjoy the expansive view over an immense fjord with countless islands. 

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Next stop will be to see Kirkjufell (almost the most famous mountain on the peninsula thanks to Game of Thrones) and the nearby waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss. After Kirkjufell, we’ll stop for lunch at a lovely, local family restaurant and then a visit to Svörtuloft, a spectacular viewpoint atop the cliffs looking off the end of the peninsula Snæfellsnes. We’ll have the opportunity to visit another waterfall on our way to my family’s house on our ancestral farmlands.


In the afternoon, while sipping tea and enjoying the fire in the wood burning stove, I would play some acoustic guitar (possible one of my own songs) and just generally enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. We will begin the process of the healing aspect of this journey, beginning with helping you identify (or name) emotional baggage and blockages that you are carrying and want to be free of. Once identified, we would proceed to clear those from the emotional body in a light hypnotherapy session.


Afterwards, we’ll take you to your accommodation, Hotel Budir, where you can enjoy dinner and the evening to your liking. 

This is one of their rooms, a Loft double with an extra bed.


After breakfast the next day we’d visit a remote black pebble beach–at the end of the peninsula that feels like the end of the world–for a guided meditation to further cement in the effects from our previous night´s healing session. where you will then release any remnants of the emotional blockages into a pebble and throw it off “the end of the world”, further cementing the effects of the sessions from the night before….. . As we turn away from the beach, the end of the world now becomes the beginning of the world–a new beginning for you, stepping into your new self.


Next, we’ll visit Hellnar, an ancient fishing village, and from there take an easy coastal hike along lava fields and basalt columns to Arnarstapi, where you can walk over a natural stone bridge to stand over the ocean.


Heading back to Reykjavik we would make a detour to Hraunfossar (my favorite waterfalls in Iceland), have a late lunch and finally bathe in geothermal hot water of Krauma.


This private tour combines nature, self development, meditation and wonderful stories. Leaves behind emotional baggage and brings you closer to a more content, fulfilled and happier life.

I look forward to seeing you.

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  • 8 hr

    375.000 íslenskar krónur
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