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What about food and drinks? 

I believe that experiencing the local cuisine is an important part of traveling. We will stop for meals on our tours and the restaurants will be vegan-friendly. It will also be possible to stop and get snacks for the road or for hikes. Here in Iceland, we also have the world’s best tap water, and I highly encourage you to bring a refillable bottle with you – we will even have the opportunity to fill it at a natural spring and other natural sources on our journey!


If you are on the two-day tour, you will be able to have a relaxing dinner at the hotel you will be staying, and in the morning you will have breakfast there, which is included.

Ho do I know which trip is right for me?

If you are a couple and one of you has less interest (or no interest!) in the spiritual work/ growth/journey/aspect, we can tailor the trip accordingly. You would be welcome to do a “light” version, or skip it all together. We will be flexible and change as needed–we’ll go with the flow. Even without the spirituality, there is plenty of spectacular nature and activities to enjoy along the way. The self-work is not an obligation, only an opportunity for you if you choose to take it, and the opportunity is very real, as the nature of Iceland is in itself a spiritual place.

Why do this as a couple?

The overall rate of divorce has lowered, but the chances of divorce in second and third marriages increases depending on which marriage you’re on. This has a lot to do with unresolved emotional baggage carried over from previous relationships, including familial ones.

Individual emotional baggage will be cleared through this work, leaving it behind where the mighty Atlantic ocean crashes onto the ancient lava fields, and allowing you to step away and step back into your marriage as stronger individuals, thereby creating a stronger couple. You will be releasing your own individual baggage, allowing you to come out of it as a stronger whole.

Thus weaving together two of my favorite things, the nature of Iceland and self work.

What should I wear? 

We will be outdoors in Iceland and on a few easy hikes, so you will need to dress appropriately. Warm layers, waterproof raincoat, hiking pants and boots are highly recommended. Hat and gloves/mittens is always a good idea.

Where do we sleep? 

For the Healing Adventure, the accommodation will be Hotel Buðir, just a few minutes´ drive from the farmhouse on Snæfelsnes peninsula. There you will be able to have dinner, and in the morning breakfast is included. 

Why mixing traveling and self-work/resolving issues in our relationship?

It is my experience that traveling will accelerate any innerwork to a great extent. Our subconscious responds very well to any symbolic action. Simply by changing our environment and allowing ourselves to see and experience new things, we open ourselves to seeing our own life from a new perspective – which is already a great start. By then adding the intention to raise a relationship to a higher level, you are certainly writing a recipe for success.


There is also the added benefit of doing the work away from home, in a new place, and leaving the emotional baggage behind, thereby heading home with a fresh outlook.

What if I don't like hiking?

Not everyone in Iceland likes the outdoors, so there are plenty of indoor activities available to us. We can mix short hikes, with driving to spectacular viewpoints, museums, and visiting interesting people/artists to fill our days with wonder.

How long is the trip?

This depends on which trip you have booked. If it is a one-day tour, you will be picked up in the morning and arrive back in the early evening. If you are on the two-day tour, you will be picked up in the morning and arrive back the next day in the evening. Exactly what time will depend on how we tailor the trip for you.

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