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Here are a few words from a few people who have been through the program.

The Healing Moon experience was wonderful. It was as if time stopped, nothing could disturb, so much peace and quiet. No sounds except from nature. The place is lovely and the effect of the program topped it all off. After carrying all kinds of things on my soul for too many years, I came back feeling 30 kg lighter and have been since then. Negative thoughts of the past belong to the past and pop up less and less. I went home with a tool to deal with if those thoughts come up, and the few times it has, the "tool" has worked. I can definitely recommend this program - I was there in mid-November 2017 and this was the best Christmas present I could give myself. Thank you for me 


Halla Auðunardóttir

I spent a Healing Moon weekend with Þormóður Símonarson. In short, that experience was great. The environment and all the conditions were as good as possible and Thor led me through the weekend with great care and attention. He is extremely considering and understanding and the program was excellent and rewarding in every way. I returned back home refreshed and feeling great

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Nanna Þóra Andrésdóttir

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